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google it – not!

google-it-notI attended a business seminar with a keynote speaker who was advertised as having ‘extensive marketing experience’ followed the next day by a writing teacher who is qualified enough to be teaching at a well respected Australian university. They both said something that made me feel like demanding money back on behalf of everyone there…

“Just Google it”

…I’m sorry… What?

People have paid a collective total of around $20,000 to hear you tell them to GOOGLE IT?

I really should stop being honest – there is more money to be made BSing people…

OK, so is Google so bad?

In a word, yup.

They are no longer a true search engine and have not-so-subtly morphed into a classifieds advertising site. The first 3-5 pages of most searches on Google are dominated by advertising that pays Google and websites that CONTAIN Google advertising… Hmmmm does this remind anyone of “It’s not what you know but WHO you know?…” cheeky eh?

But who can blame them? They are making BILLIONS from their search/advertising business model, I just wish they were as green, cuddly and friendly as they seemed to be when they started out.

It’s worth noting that I love many things the Google company produces, including the Android Operating System, I’m just sick of their search engine that doesn’t … search.

There are exceptions to these results and you can get lucky, but in terms of raw, reliable research, Google leaves a lot to be desired in terms of quality answers to important questions.

Now if they had said “Google it using specific words in your search” (i.e. search words THEY had used successfully) then this post would never have been written… but they didn’t so I’m letting everyone know that when you hear someone say Google It and you are paying for their time, tell them to give some more information or a refund please… 😀

Take care and try looking at the 7th page in when Googling – you can find some gems in there 😉

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  1. Greg says:

    Just picked up your site link from Flying Solo, this article caught my eye … pretty much what I’v e thought for quite a while.

    Google is failing miserably as a SE except if your searching something a bit obscure or technical and you can escape the SEO keyword rubbish.

    I actually use Twitter as a search engine for generalised search … usually leads me to some leading lights, or experts, and often good links to stuff that interests me. I rarely tweet, just listen.

    I’ve actually been in discussions with clients that want custom web scrapers built to get at the data they want without trawling Google to get it.

    • Trent says:

      Hi Greg,

      welcome to my little slice of craziness!

      Like all things, there is a grain of truth in every lie or sales pitch. SEO works, but not one company has been able to answer my challenge to show proven results with one of their service packages for either myself or one of my clients or fellow authors, that can’t be achieved by a little tweaking of WordPress plugins that cost 10% of the time and real cost.

      Nice tip on using twitter, I’ve done the same thing but never thought of it as a search engine – I always enjoy it when someone gives a new perspective, thanks for sharing!

      • Greg says:

        I have a couple of client sites that do well from Google search, all that’s ever been done is clean semantic code and no bullshit content, seems to work every time.
        To use Twiitter for search, I set up Tweet Deck…create a couple of columns with what interests me and in they come.

  2. murderously says:

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  3. Wishmaker says:

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  4. Santos Hartgrove says:

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  5. Sally says:

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  6. Angela Finn says:

    Hi Trent,
    Just picked up your site from Flying solo and might I say I was nervous when I read the first paragraph of this post as I thought it was going to be about self proclaimed experts who were nothing but. Nevertheless in a sense they were when they uttered “just google it”.
    Good point made. As a former librarian I know the value of a quality search. Key words are vital.
    I’ll remember your tip about the 7th page!

    • Trent says:

      Welcome to my little picnic spot on the Net, Angela 🙂

      Oh yes! The right key words are essential and when an educator is being paid big dollars, it’s their job to give the best keywords to their students.

      I have a lot of fun at my workshops, but I’m always prepared with handouts and useful information. My students are putting food on my kids’ plates, after all 😉

  7. Joyce says:

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    Best of luck and keep up the good work!

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