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Starting a business – the SIMPLE way


First of all, sorry to all my subscribers! I have been very quiet this last year because, in between working on the new book with Shannon, I have been working on a book that I was almost bullied into writing – but in a nice way of course.

Helping people starting a business – the SIMPLE way – has been something I’ve done unconsciously for 15 years.

… and during that time I’ve had business people say ‘You should write a book about how you solve problems’ I’d always smiled politely, assuming that they were gushing becuase I’d helped them overcome business challenges they hadn’t been able to before, etc.

I mean, come on! How could li’l ol’ me be an expert on solving problems that hasn’t already been published by some Ecoomics whiz?

It wasn’t until two friends suggested I write a book that I realised I couldn’t dismiss the idea without giving it a shot.
If it were just friends and family saying ‘write it’? I might never have written this book.
If it were only customers telling me ‘write a book’ amidst their excitement of getting their busines started or becoming profitable again? I also might never have  decided to take this journey…

…And what a journey it has been!

I started with the idea to find common solutions that stand the test of time in both business and personal situations. A list of fix-it guides to problems we often feel are too big to handle ourselves and work out WHY we think we are unable to do it alone. A bit like Spotless for general problem solving hehe
(Spotless was written by Shannon and Jennifer and you can buy it by clicking here or at your local ABC bookshop… right next to the book I wrote with Shannon hint hint)

Writing Stainless with Shannon was probably only possible due to problem solving – we started writing the book when I was still in Adelaide, I flew over for some of the writing, but found that a system of talking and writing in a fluid way was the best way for both of us and I think it shows in the book.
The new book with Shannon involves more specific solutions, so it was more research based and not as quick to write (I can’t say more at this stage, but watch this space for more news)

BUT the upside of this is that when it was Shannon’s turn to work on the manuscript after I’d passed it back to her, I was able to work on my solo work.

My book contains some simple truths that have held true in the last 15 years of coaching, consulting, project managing for SMEs, charities and start-up businesses… but my “Eureka moment” (that point of amazing serendipity writers get when they have ‘penned’ a great narrative or a chapter that has truly leapt off the page) was when I realised that I had been using a single guideline, unconsciously, each and every time I was problem-solving those challenges that both customers and friends had been putting in front of me…

The guideline was more concise than one of my favourite adages;
Keep It Simple, Stupid!

It was more universal than identifying the reason many people were having problems in a relationship;
Contempt prior to investigation impedes all growth

And it was far more elegant in its simplicity than the barrier we put before ourselves;
Can’t see the wood for the trees…


This guideline is also my working title for the book.


Start at the End


2 Responses
  1. Ian says:

    You’ll see I don’t get to the self-publishing option until #22. That’s because I think the query process is the best way to learn about the publishing business as well as hone your writing and sales skills. Learning to sell a book to an agent prepares you for selling your book to readers. Because promoting and selling books takes at least 50% of your writing time, I think you should write and polish at least two novels before you think about self-publishing.

    • Trent says:

      Great comment, Ian – but I have two questions…

      1. What on the rosy-cheeked-behind of a Dodo is option 22?
      (Hey Dodo’s deserve love too!)
      If you’ve published 22 books, bully for you, I can name 5 Indian ‘professionals’ with five times the number of titles and about 1% of the sales necessary to pay themselves for the time invested in writing them.

      If you do have first-hand experience in self-publishing and have advice to give to new writers – please feel free to link to your site as they need all the help they can get. Plus I’ll be only too happy to stand on my virtual hill and yell out praises to your brilliance while passing on your first-hand knowledge to them

      2. Why are you commenting about self-publishing when I’m talking about starting a business? Ohhhh right, you were looking for a link-back by commenting on a random post, what a shame I deleted your link. Funnily enough I allow them freely to people who I think are genuine 😀


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