Why ‘wrong’ isn’t bad

I’ve been lucky to have Brandon in my life because he has taught me just how much you can learn from your mistakes… more so than the successes.

I’ve watched people fall apart when they have breezed through life prior something that was (to me) a minor setback. We’re talking families collapsing.

Is it possible that in the western world’s race for perfection, people are simply ignoring paths that will take them down a path where they might fail? Are people teaching their children that it is better to avoid the risk of failure and simply follow the path of least resistance? How many other 21stcenturyisms follow this line of logic?

…Stay with what is known?

…Play it safe?

…Don’t rock the boat?

…The news said they are bad people, it must be true?

…Follow the rules blindly, it’s easier than thinking for myself?

I think you get the picture 😉

Let’s turn it around. Stop. Relax. Now think of the people you admire and you will probably see at least one that has succeeded despite adversity, or has taken a chance when others said ‘play it safe.’ Isn’t that true success?

So go and take a chance. It’s called life – you only get one!

Shine brightly 😉

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