The formula for becoming an author

I was looking at the Blog of an Adelaide author, Sean Williams* and came across this post, which is gold for two reasons:

1. He’s telling it like it is. From the real world. His own experience.

2. I’ve seen the same ‘formula’ work in both writing and business.

It follows the message I repeat often: The only obstacles you face are those you build yourself. And it’s easy to remember.

Dreams + (Dogged) Determination = Success!

or perhaps:

Dreams + (Dogged) Determination + Don’t listen to the Doubters = Success!

I know – Too many D’s πŸ˜‰

*For those of you who aren’t Science Fiction readers, Sean is a New York Bestselling Author who has written for George Lucas to create many of the Star Wars books, amongst a legion of his own works and co-authored works with Shane Dix. Not bad for a local boy, eh?

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